Toastmaster Club
President Claudia-Mariana MarePresident Claudia-Mariana Mare


Treasurer Udo KrönerTreasurer Udo Kröner
VP Education Neha AttriVPE Neha Attri



VPM Katharina WeberVPM Katharina Weber
VP Public Relation Patience ChisangaVPPR Patience Chisanga



We resumed meetings in person on March the 14th.  3 x in a month at our venue in the VHS Frankfurt, Sonnemannstrasse 13.


On the 3rd of Oct we will have an online meeting.Our next in person meeting will be on the 10th of Oct. The meeting room is 4001 . It`s a very nice, large room. 




 We expect many participants from our club and some guests as well. On the righ hand side it is showed the usual seat configuration. 






Edc  participated in the 3rd Rhein/Main Speech Festival. It took place on the 10th of Sep. in the Stadthalle at Kronberg.

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